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Multi-fuel or Wood Burning Stove?
If you are looking for a traditional stove then you really need to choose between multi-fuel or dedicated woodburning.
Wood Burning Stoves Fowey
When burning wood it is worth remembering that trees are composed primarily of carbohydrate
What are your needs?

Multi fuel stoves

Stove built with a grate in the bottom of the firebox, which allows you to burn coal as well as wood. This is because coal requires a supply of air to come from beneath, while wood burns best on a bed of ash, meaning dedicated wood burning stoves will not have this grate. 

Wood burning stoves

Stoves that have been designed specifically for burning wood. Generally speaking wood burning stoves will burn wood with more efficiency than a multi-fuel stove will, although this is not always the case.

As they grow trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and use the energy from the sun and water build themselves carbohydrate. When we fell the trees and after letting them season, we burn them for fuel.
Why is burning wood environmentally friendly?
Woodburning Stoves Fowey In addition to heat produced while burning, carbon dioxide is also released
Woodburning Stoves Fowey CO² is trapped by trees as they grow and will now be released into the atmosphere
Woodburning Stoves Fowey Most of the firewood available for sale commercially in the UK is sourced from properly managed and sustainable forests.
Woodburning Stoves Fowey The total carbon released by burning wood is no more than simply leaving the tree to rot.

There have been issues raised in that since the 1950s more and more parts of the UK have become smoke control areas. This does mean that you would not normally be legally allowed to burn wood. However there are a growing number of stoves which have been passed as exempt by the government.

Wood Burning Stoves Fowey
They burn wood very cleanly, meaning very low emissions and have been given official approval to use in smoke control areas.
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